Before and after sales

    Through the improvement of services, can be established a communication platform between enterprises and users to achieve and enhance customer value, is always the direction of our efforts. We put quality and convenient service as a brand in a more far-reaching extension of the effective

1 Sincerely treat our customers about the company's development and strength of the company,  provide company brochures, and the manual.

2、Base on Comprehensive understanding of customer information, special customized services for clients, For every application to provide the exact system solution.

3、Evaluate the effect of the use of our products , to track changes in its performance.

4To establish the technical files for each project, Detailed record sealed (structure) with plastic number, batch number, effectiveness and performance and so on.

5Establish detailed customer profiles of the customers and dealers , records of customers using the products and feedback on the proposal, faster and better for customers to solve difficult problems.

6Organization regularly visits the customer, soliciting customer input and suggestions, and continuously improved products to customers more satisfied.

7Welcome advice and provide our products during the use of the process.




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